Welcome to the English language webpage of Murphy’s Heroes.

Murphy’s Heroes is one of the oldest gaming clubs in the Netherlands, founded in 1989 with around 50 members.

The club has its regular meetings every Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 in its club space in room 2B (second floor) of Delftstede, Phoenixstraat 66 in Delft. In addition, regular warhammer meetings are orginised on Wednesday evening and other evening meetings are orginised at the request of members. These club meetings are announced op the front page agenda. The main features are wargames, board games and role playing games. There are no limits on the types of games that can be played on a games day, but it is up to club members and visitors to make their own appointments. The club owns several wargames armies, a large number of wargame terrain pieces and boardgames that can be used during club days so even without an appointment there is always something to do.

Non members are welcome to visit a games day or evening and join a game. A visitor can participate three times without charge before being asked to become a member.
If you are interested contact us by email, through our Yahoo Mailing list or the Murphy’s Heroes Forum, or visit us on one of our club days at Delftstede.