Welcome to the English language webpage of Murphy’s Heroes.

Murphy’s Heroes is an active Delft Gaming Club with more than 80 members.
Our address is Building Delftstede, Phoenixstraat 23, 2611 AM, Delft. We play miniature wargames, board games, role playing games and card games. Interested? Visit us and look around!
Murphy’s Heroes is available on:
– Wednesday Evening:                                                              (19.30 – 22.45)
– Thursday Evening:                                                                  (19.30 – 22.45)
– Friday Evening (On Demand, look at agenda on website):            (19.30 – 22.45)
– Saturday:                                                                                (10.00 – 17.00)
Become a member? Membership dues are: 160 euro’s per jaar / per year.
Contact: info@murphysheroes.nl

It is possible to pay dues in installments.
Non members are welcome to visit a games day or evening and join a game. A visitor can participate three times without charge before being asked to become a member.
If you are interested contact us by email, through our Facebook Page, our Yahoo Mailing list or the Murphy’s Heroes Forum, or visit us on one of our club days at Delftstede.